When to go to a specialist

What do you need to know to avoid irreparable mistakes?

Truths about infertility
  • It is often detected by chance.
  • It does not cause alarm symptoms.
  • It also occurs in healthy couples, even if they still have children.
  • In 20% of cases, the cause of infertility is not found.
False conceptions of infertility
  • The causes are more often feminine
  • The potent man cannot be infertile
  • Normal tests rule out infertility
  • The effects of delayed pregnancy can be treated
The most common and serious mistake?
  • Postponement of the specialized consultation, on the grounds that “there are no problems with the analyzes”Why?
  • Normal tests do not confirm that fertility is good.
  • Postponing treatment dramatically reduces your chances of success.

When to go to an infertility specialist?

If you don't want to get pregnant yet

Preventive, before the age of 30, for wise family planning

Check your ovarian reserve with an infertility specialist!

For evaluation and specialized recommendations:

  • If you are going to have genital interventions, chemotherapy, radiotherapy
  • If there are cases of early menopause or genetic diseases in the family
  • If you have irregular cycles, endometriosis, chronic diseases

Consider freezing oocytes:

  • If you are going to have treatments that affect fertility
  • If you are not ready to become a mother and you are approaching 30 years old
If you want children
  • Under 35, if you did not become pregnant after 1 year without protection
  • After 35 years, contact the specialist after a maximum of 6 months!
When should men consider freezing sperm?
  • If she is going to have genital interventions, chemotherapy, radiotherapy
  • If they have a genetic disease or fertility problems in the family