What do you do if …?

A. Ovarian stimulation

You forgot to start treatment on the first day

Contact the clinic to restore the treatment plan

You delayed a dose

Administer the missed dose later and continue the next day at the usual time

You accidentally missed more than half the medication dose

Administer a supplement or even the full dose again

Irritation, redness or discomfort appeared at the injection site

Don’t worry if he disappears in a few minutes

Contact the clinic if it persists for a few hours or gets worse

You delayed the injection several hours before the scheduled time

Do not administer it at any time, but contact the clinic

Both injection and ovarian puncture will need to be rescheduled

B. After taking oocytes or sperm După prelevarea ovocitelor sau spermatozoizilor

You have pain that requires medication

Administer anti-inflammatory sedatives: Diclofenac / Indomethacin suppositories, oral Nurofen

You have pain that does not subside with painkillers

Contact the clinic

You have a fever or heavy bleeding

Contact the clinic

C. After embryo transfer or intrauterine insemination

Ai sângerări persistente sau accentuate

Avoid effort

You can increase the dose of progesterone by 50% -100% or add oral / injectable administration

Take NoSpa (or Uscosin / Scobutil) if you also have abdominal pain

Avoid a genital consultation if the bleeding does not anemia you and does not cause other symptoms

The road and the consultation can accentuate the bleeding

Persistent abdominal pain

Administer No-Spa (or Uscosin / Scobutyl) 1-2 cp every 4-6 hours orally or rectally

You have panic attacks or anxiety

Do not hesitate to talk to your partner, a friend or a psychologist

You have a headache or a fever

You can take paracetamol

You have an inconclusive value on the HCG beta pregnancy test

Repeat the test in 48-72 hours