The holistic approach in infertility

The holistic approach in infertility

Fertility is affected by multiple factors, and the success of treatments depends on their overall approach. Correcting imbalances, lifestyle, support from others and the power to persevere can make the difference between a successful treatment and failure or giving up.

The holistic approach means caring for the physical, mental and energetic state of the whole body. It brings balance and puts the body in its optimal shape before and during treatment.

Reproductive techniques should be accompanied by therapies that address mental and physical condition – nutrition, physical activity, techniques to reduce stress and balance energy, sleep, well-being.

Wellness program

10 additional methods for infertility treatment

Exclude toxic factors from your life and that of your partner

  • Smoking, drugs, steroids and anabolics severely affect fertility
  • If you work with chemical compounds, use protective equipment

Start a regular exercise program

  • Sedentary lifestyle reduces oxygenation and cell quality
  • With 30 minutes of exercise 2-3 times a week you will see results
  • What activities? Running, hiking, aerobics or gymnastics at home

Do not neglect nutrition

  • Avoid heavily processed or canned foods
  • Avoid fried foods in oil, animal fats and sweets
  • Choose vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains or dairy

If you have chronic illnesses, make sure you keep them under control

  • Diabetes, hypertension, obesity affect fertility

Improves sleep and body balance

  • Maintain a reasonable number of hours of sleep
  • Try relaxation or balancing techniques – yoga or meditation
  • Keep a diary, listen to music, read dedicated or relaxing books

Ask for support from friends or family

  • To support your diet or diet
  • To do exercise or sports together
  • For emotional support

Uses applications to improve lifestyle and fertility

  • Examples: ProLife, iPlan – fertility programs

Call on support groups

  • With whom you can discuss infertility or treatments
  • Where to find other experiences and tips

Seek specialized help

  • Psychological and behavioral therapy
  • Music therapy, massage, mindfulness
  • Acupuncture
How much can smoking affect you?

❖ Speed up menopause by up to four years

❖ Increases the risk of miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, fetal abnormalities

❖ The chance of success with IVF is halved

❖ Increases DNA fragmentation in sperm

❖ Passive smoking is just as harmful

How much can obesity affect you?

❖ Disrupts the cycle, decreases fertility and increases the risk of miscarriage

❖ Increases the risk of complications in pregnant women and the fetus

❖ Weight loss by 10% improves pregnancy rate