Dr. Daniel Damian

Dr. Daniel Damian
Primary care urologist specializing in male infertility




Specializations: Andrology, Reproductive Surgery, Infertility, Endourology

Doctor of Medical Sciences



Dr. Daniel Damian joined our team from the beginning, after accumulating a long experience in the field of andrology and male infertility, having, at the same time, a complex surgical activity within the Clinical Hospital of Urology “Th. Burghele ”from Bucharest.

Dr. Damian graduated from the University of Medicine in 1986. After completing his specialization in urology, he took courses and specializations in Belgium and the USA in urological surgery, endourology, andrology and reproductive surgery, male infertility.

Dr. Daniel Damian is a renowned specialist in urology surgery of great complexity, with extensive experience in difficult cases. The interest in the field of male infertility materialized in the collaboration between 2003 and 2009 with the Assisted Reproduction Department of the Clinical Hospital “Panait Sarbu” Bucharest, for the evaluation and treatment of male pathology, as well as for surgical sperm harvesting for assisted reproduction. He obtained his doctorate in the field of male infertility, after an in-depth study carried out over several years.

Dr. Daniel Damian has participated in international scientific meetings related to infertility and assisted reproduction and is a member of several prestigious professional societies: European Association of Urology, Romanian Association of Urology, International Society for Sexual and Impotence Research, SRFRA (Romanian Society Fertility and Assisted Reproduction).