Sperm collection instructions

For spermogram, sperm culture, DNA fragmentation test
For testing for retrograde ejaculation
  • Abstinence period: preferably 2-7 days
  • Required documents: Identity card, Sample sample registration form
  • Follow the instructions received from the urologist
  • The sperm is initially collected
  • The urine sample is collected after ejaculation
For freezing sperm or reproductive procedures
  • A medical recommendation is required (consultation in the clinic)
  • Required documents: Identity card, Matcher card, Sample sample registration form
  • Necessary preliminary analyzes: Spermogram, Sperm culture, Serology: HBs Ag, HBc Ac, HCV Ac, HIV, VDRL / RPR
  • Abstinence period: 2-5 days sexual rest
  • Multiple samples collected on the same day can be frozen / used
Harvesting method:
  • Wash your hands and genitals with soap and water
  • Use only special sterile container from the clinic or pharmacy
  • Collects the entire amount of sperm obtained after masturbation
  • Do not harvest in a condom or by interrupted sexual contact
  • Do not use lubricant
  • Close the container tightly by screwing on the lid
In case of difficulty in harvesting:
  • Uses additional materials – magazines, DVDs
  • Request the presence of your partner, if it helps to harvest by masturbation
  • Request additional information from the clinic to harvest in other conditions
  • Consider freezing sperm as a backup for future procedures
In case of home harvesting, after harvesting:
  • Note on the container: Name, Surname, Date, Time of harvest
  • Transport the container to the clinic in a maximum of 60 minutes, at the usual temperature
  • Download and complete the sample registration form
  • Send the form to programari@gynera.ro or attach it to the container
  • If you have not filled in the form at home, you will receive it at the clinic reception
  • Present an ID at the reception and you will receive the label and the form
  • Check the identification data on the container and on the registration form

Contact us at 0727 833 833 or on programari@gynera.ro for additional details.