Safety, support, comfort

Safety, support, comfort


The positive experience and safety of our patients is a permanent priority, for which we invest a lot of time, effort and resources. We use the country’s unique MatcherTM technology to identify, verify and record patients, staff, products and devices used in all stages of reproductive procedures. We are taking rigorous prevention measures, including those related to the current pandemic context.

We understand, support and guide patients on the fascinating path to the desired family.

We recognize the importance of comfort, discretion, and emotional support, and we are pleased to see that our patients remain with us for almost many years after treatment.

We celebrate together the achievements of the great Gynera family, from the miracle of the miracles in the test tube to the first day of school, or the emotion of reunion:

Wonder Day in the test tube 2013

Baby Party 2017

Family album

Patient safety, trials and procedures

Patient safety
  • Precise identification with 3 levels of verification
  • Procedures for the prevention of medical risks
  • Specific measures in an epidemic context
Safety of cells and embryos
  • The most efficient embryo incubation system
  • Working environment – temperature controlled air filter
  • Spare equipment for risky situations
Procedural safety - MatcherTM
  • Precise identification of biological samples
  • Traceability of products and people
  • Alert system for incorrect maneuvers
How you can be supported during treatment
  • Extensive counseling, emotional support and support
  • Financial support through various programs
  • Adapted work schedule and collaborations
  • Easy remote communication
  • Assistance for authorizations or import of samples
Solutions to ensure comfort, discretion and privacy
  • Individual reserves for procedures
  • Sperm collection rooms with bathroom, equipped
  • Secure online access to medical reports
  • Remote and online services
  • Various payment methods