Our story

Our story…

… starts in 2007

Gynera Fertility Clinic, the first clinic in the country specialized and dedicated entirely to assisted reproduction, was founded out of the desire to help couples fulfill their most beautiful dream, that of having a child.
We soon became a reference center in the field of fertility, bringing together the most advanced technology and the experience of successful specialists.

The Gynera team played a significant role in the development of in vitro fertilization in Romania by introducing innovative techniques and permanent relevant contributions. Since 2008 we have obtained exceptional results using new technologies and we have reported national premieres: the first child in the country conceived from blastocyst, the first child from vitrified blastocyst, the first vitrification of oocytes, the first electronic traceability system, etc.

The leading position in the field of Romanian reproductive medicine has been consolidated since the first years and has been constantly recognized through numerous national and international awards. Over 2000 children were born, by 2019, through in vitro fertilization techniques performed in our laboratory, most children in the country conceived by assisted reproduction.

The exceptional IVF success rate and advanced technology have positioned the Gynera Clinic every year and in the top of the best performing fertility clinics in Europe.

The year 2019 marked the entry of the Gynera Clinic in the FutureLife group, European leader in reproductive medicine, which brings together important providers of in vitro fertilization and medical genetics services from 7 European countries. The international opening has brought multiple opportunities to our patients, especially in the area of ​​reproductive cell and embryo donation, where there were legislative and availability limitations at the national level.

Apart from the remarkable success, we are distinguished by a vast experience translated into a personalized, warm and encouraging approach. We devote extremely much time and resources to each patient, to find the optimal solution that suits them. We guarantee the precise identification of the reproductive cells in the laboratory by introducing a specialized computerized video system, the only one of its kind in the country. We are both concerned about the comfort and intimacy of the patients, that’s why we thought of a welcoming space, with individual circuits and reserves.

Our goal is to give patients the best chance of success, in terms of safety, comfort and professionalism.

After years of experience in the field, we understand the emotional challenges posed by infertility and try to minimize the associated discomfort.

The warm and friendly atmosphere, along with the tireless support of the team have contributed, over time, to what we call today the great Gynera family, a place where patients and children always feel at home and we stay almost long after finishing treatments.

Gynera was created with love. We have dedicated our entire activity to transforming dreams into reality.

Now, your dream is ours too.

Let’s explore the miracle of life together!

The clinic is accredited for processing and storage of reproductive cells by Order of the Minister of Public Health, after auditing by the National Transplant Agency.

ISO 9001 certification certifies compliance with international standards in quality management.

We were honored to receive the recognition of the authorities for the results obtained.