National and international recognition

National and international recognition


Since 2007, the activity of the Gynera Clinic has been distinguished by a long line of achievements, national awards and surpassed records, recognized by numerous national and international awards.

In addition to the exceptional success rates, which have propelled us to the top of European fertility clinics, we have registered a spectacular development, becoming one of the most awarded providers of medical services in Romania.

The performance of services and communication have constantly brought us important international awards.


Renewed annually for the last 10 years, ISO certification for quality management confirms the constant concern for excellence and improvement.


The position of leader honours us but also obliges us. We have always considered that we have a duty to educate, inform and contribute to the awareness of the population and the authorities. Our regular or ongoing campaigns help many people find their way to start a family.


Fertility Friday and EmbryOne are just two of our soul projects, meant to bring solutions and the joy of being a parent.

A selection of the most representative national and international awards:

»“ International Health Professional of the Year ”2010

»Member of Geneva Infertility Expert Group 2010

»1st place in the Top Romanian Companies 2012

»1st place in the Top Romanian Companies 2013

»New York International Quality Summit 2014 – Gold Category

»Excellence Award for efficient communication strategies

»The IVF Clinic Award 2014 – Customer Service & Communications

»1st place in the Top Romanian companies 2017

»Best Clinic / Best Practice – Dubai 2018

»1st place in the Top of Romanian business – medical services – 2019

» Best Practice in Vitrification – Kitazato 2021