Medication administration instructions

Preparation of necessary materials:
  • Syringe with needle / PEN
  • Long needle for preparing the solution
  • Alcohol / disinfectant swab
  • Medication
  • Treatment plan
  • Needle storage container
Preparation of the solution from the powder medication

(Diphereline, Menopur, Meriofert, Pregnyl, Gonapeptyl, Cetrotide)

  • Remove the metal or plastic cap that protects the vial stopper
  • Disinfect the bottle cap with an alcohol swab
  • Attach the longer needle to the syringe for dissolution
  • Open the solvent vial by breaking in the narrow area
  • Insert the needle into the solvent vial and aspirate the solvent into the syringe
  • Inject the solvent and air into the vial with the powder medication
  • Gently rotate the vial to allow it to dissolve
  • With the needle inside, turn the vial upside down over the syringe
  • Load the syringe with the resulting mixture, holding the tip of the needle in the groove of the stopper
  • Remove the needle and syringe from the medication bottle
  • Gently tap the syringe to push the air bubbles toward the needle
  • Replace the long needle with a small needle for subcutaneous administration
Adjusting pen-type devices - PEN
Subcutaneous injection
  • Check the medication label
  • Check the dose in the treatment plan
  • Choose the injection site, alternating every day
  • Wash your hands
  • Disinfect the injection site with alcohol
  • Load and check the dose to be injected
  • Gently push the plunger to remove air bubbles
  • Hold the syringe like a pencil and gently lift the skin with your other hand
  • With a quick motion, fully insert the needle
  • Slowly inject the solution and wait another 5 seconds
  • Remove the needle and hold it with an alcohol swab at the injection site
  • Discard the needle and syringe in a rigid container with a lid
  • Mark the administration of the injection on the treatment plan
Preparation of a dose greater than one ampoule (several ampoules at a time)
  • Inject the mixture (dissolved powder medication) into the next powder medication bottle
  • Do not use a new solvent for additional ampoules
  • Rotate the vial again to mix the solution obtained
  • Fill the mixture into the second vial into the syringe
  • Inject the new mixture into the third vial of powder if you have 3 ampoules to make
  • Load the medication mixture from the last vial into the syringe
  • For the dose of 3 ampoules, you will have 3 vials of powder dissolved in a single solvent
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Other information and tips:
  • Administer the injection into a fold of abdominal skin
  • Keep medicines as directed
  • If the needle bends or is already bent, do not use it
  • If bleeding occurs at the injection site, hold
  • Write the date of opening on the bottle, if you do not use it in full
  • Store the prepared medication in the refrigerator
  • Check the shelf life of an open bottle
  • Keep medicines, syringes and needles out of the reach of children or animals
  • Use a plastic bottle with a lid to store needles
  • Discuss with the nurse how and where you can throw the container with needles and syringes

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