IVF prices

Assisted Reproduction Procedures

(Prices per treatment cycle)

IVF treatment plan (specialist consultation) / IVF second opinion report

400 RON

Preparation and evaluation of the IVF medical record (preparation, evaluation by the internal committee)

300 RON

IVF / ET package

IVF / ICSI Procedure


Oocyte (Egg) retrieval with anaesthesia / sedation
Reproductive cells processing
Fertilisation by standard IVF or micromanipulation techniques ICSI
Extended culture of embryos up to 5-6 days (blastocyst stage)
Services for improving success rate, safety, privacy: individualised culture of embryos, Matcher traceability and witnessing system, SpermMobil, private room accommodation
FutureLife voucher
ET Procedure – Ultrasound guided embryo transfer, microvol system optimisation


Follow up consultation after IVF (review of procedure, recommendations)


IVF / ET package with previously cryopreserved oocytes - oocyte thawing (max. 2 straws) + IVF / ET

11800 RON


Physiological sperm selection for ICSI
550 RON

Assisted oocyte activation - Calcium ionophore

500 RON


Facilitation of implantation with hyaluronan
690 RON

Surgical retrieval of sperm package (includes anaesthesia and processing) - MESA/TESE

4200 RON

ZyMot Fertile® Microfluidic Sorting

Sperm sorting to reduce the DNA fragmentation index
800 RON

Assisted Hatching

690 RON

Endometrial activation

G-CSF granulocyte stimulating factors, HCG (medication not included)
560 RON

PGT embryo genetic diagnosis - depending on the type of genetic analysis and number of embryos

6000 - 20250 RON

Oocyte cryopreservation package (retrieval with anaesthesia, oocyte processing, vitrification, first year storage) up to 3 straws (max. 7 oocytes)

9200 RON

Embryo vitrification (and free storage up to 12 months) - up to 3 straws (3 embryos)

3000 RON

Thawing embryos / oocytes and evaluation / processing after thawing - fee per straw

590 RON

Embryo / oocyte vitrification (and free storage up to 12 months) - additional straw (S)

450 RON / S

Cryopreservation of sperm / testicular tissue (and free storage up to 12 months)

1500 RON

Embryo / oocyte / sperm storage - annual fee (after first year)

1190 RON

Administrative services for import / export of embryos / oocytes, without transport - documents, ANT authorization

350 RON

Additional annual fee - quarantine storage (from the first year)

320 RON

Administrative services for import / export of semen, without transport - documents, ANT authorization

200 RON

International transport of cryopreserved embryos/oocytes, with attendant

CT Shipper partnership

4600 RON
FET Frozen embryo transfer package
4275 RON

Thawing vitrified embryos, evaluation and culture after thawing – one straw        775

Intrauterine embryo transfer                                                                                      3500

Sperm from anonymous donor - Cryos import

fee per straw + transport


Frozen oocytes from anonymous donor - pack of 8-10 oocytes and special transport with attendant from Iscare

4950 Eur

Cryopreserved embryo (donor oocyte + donor sperm)

per embryo, without transport
1950 Eur

Partial IVF / ET package

(Rates per treatment cycle)

IVF discontinuation after follicular aspiration

5800 RON

IVF package discontinued 24 hours after IVF / ICSI - day 1

8500 RON

IVF discontinued 48-72 hours after IVF / ICSI

11350 RON

IVF package discontinued on day 5-6 (no viable blastocyst available)

12300 RON

Cultivation of embryos day 2 - day 6 (embryos transferred from other clinics)

1200 RON