IVF prices

Assisted Reproduction Procedures

(Prices per treatment cycle)

IVF treatment plan (specialist consultation) / IVF second opinion report

400 RON

Preparation and evaluation of the IVF medical record (preparation, evaluation by the internal committee)

300 RON

IVF monitoring ultrasound scan

200 RON

Instruction for self-administration of IVF medication


Hormone tests - serum (Estradiol, Progesterone, LH) - per hormone

50 RON

Results on the same day

35 RON

IVF / ET package

14.200 RON
IVF / ICSI Procedure


Oocyte (Egg) retrieval with anaesthesia / sedation
Reproductive cells processing
Fertilisation by standard IVF or micromanipulation techniques ICSI
Extended culture of embryos up to 5-6 days (blastocyst stage)
Services for improving success rate, safety, privacy: individualised culture of embryos, Matcher traceability and witnessing system, SpermMobil, private room accommodation
FutureLife voucher
ET Procedure – Ultrasound guided embryo transfer, microvol system optimisation


Follow up consultation after IVF (review of procedure, recommendations)


IVF / ET package with previously cryopreserved oocytes - oocyte thawing (max. 2 straws) + IVF / ET

10.500 RON


Physiological sperm selection for ICSI
500 RON

Assisted oocyte activation - Calcium ionophore

500 RON


Facilitation of implantation with hyaluronan
690 RON

Surgical retrieval of sperm package (includes anaesthesia and processing) - MESA/TESE

3.500 RON

ZyMot Fertile® Microfluidic Sorting

Sperm sorting to reduce the DNA fragmentation index
780 RON

Assisted Hatching

690 RON

Endometrial activation

G-CSF granulocyte stimulating factors, HCG
560 RON

PGT embryo genetic diagnosis - depending on the type of genetic analysis and number of embryos

6.000 - 20.250 RON

Oocyte cryopreservation package (retrieval with anaesthesia, oocyte processing, vitrification, first year storage) up to 3 straws (max. 7 oocytes)

8.500 RON

Embryo vitrification (and free storage up to 12 months) - up to 3 straws (3 embryos)

2.700 RON

Thawing embryos / oocytes and evaluation / processing after thawing - fee per straw

590 RON

Embryo / oocyte vitrification (and free storage up to 12 months) - additional straw (S)

450 RON / S

Cryopreservation of sperm / testicular tissue (and free storage up to 12 months)

1100 RON

Embryo / oocyte / sperm storage - annual fee (after first year)

980 RON

Administrative services for import / export of embryos / oocytes, without transport - documents, ANT authorization

350 RON

Additional annual fee - quarantine storage (from the first year)

320 RON

Administrative services for import / export of semen, without transport - documents, ANT authorization

200 RON

International transport of cryopreserved embryos/oocytes, with attendant

CT Shipper partnership

4.400 RON
FET Frozen embryo transfer package
3.290 RON

Thawing vitrified embryos, evaluation and culture after thawing – one straw        590

Intrauterine embryo transfer                                                                                      2700

Sperm from anonymous donor - Cryos import

fee per straw + transport


Frozen oocytes from anonymous donor - pack of 8-10 oocytes and special transport with attendant from Iscare

4200 Euro

Donor embryo (donor oocyte + donor sperm)

per embryo, without transport
1050 Euro

Incomplete IVF / ET package

(Rates per treatment cycle)

IVF discontinuation after follicular aspiration - absent / abnormal oocytes - day 0

5.010 RON

IVF package discontinued 24 hours after IVF / ICSI - day 1

8.150 RON

IVF discontinued 48 hours after IVF / ICSI (no viable 48-hour embryo) - day 2

10.650 RON

IVF package without embryo transfer (Freeze All blastocysts / no viable blastocysts day 5-6)

11.500 RON

Cultivation of embryos (fresh or thawed) day 3 - day 6

950 RON