How to choose a clinic

How do you choose a clinic?

Patient experience and treatment outcomes vary significantly between clinics.

What differentiates fertility clinics?

  • Experience and coordination of the multidisciplinary team involved
  • Different quality of laboratory conditions, equipment and culture media
  • Standardized or customized work protocols
  • Fixed or adaptable activity schedule

(Scheduling on weekends or depending on reaction to treatment)

  • Quality control and management system
  • Security systems (Risk of incorrect identification of evidence)
  • Facilities offered
    • Possibility to perform related investigations or treatments in the same clinic
    • Remote or out-of-hours communication
    • Collaboration with clinics in the patients’ locality
    • Atmosphere and support for patients

(Empathy and understanding the emotional aspects of infertility)

What should you know before choosing a clinic?

  • Is the clinic accredited for assisted reproduction?
  • Are the results known and reported transparently?
  • Does the clinic have experience in assisted reproduction?
  • Are there any positive recommendations from medical staff or other patients?
  • Does the clinic require certain mandatory tests?
  • Can the tests be done with your own subscription or are they mandatory at the clinic?
  • What measures are being taken to correctly identify patients and samples?
  • How is confidentiality guaranteed?
  • Does the location allow frequent visits to the clinic under reasonable conditions?
  • Can consultations / procedures be scheduled in the afternoon as well?
  • Are procedures scheduled on weekends, if necessary?
  • Is written information about the procedures provided?
  • Is it possible to communicate remotely or outside working hours?
  • Are reproductive cell bank, tests, medication available in the clinic or nearby?
  • Are there privacy conditions for collecting evidence?
  • Are there individual reservations for procedures?
  • Do the results and services offered justify the tariffs?
  • Can payments be made by electronic means or other payment facilities?
  • Are programs with settlement or financial discounts available?
  • Can the clinic collaborate with doctors from the patient’s locality?

Gynera Clinic offers all the facilities mentioned, along with exceptional equipment and results.

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