How can you optimize fertility?

How can you optimize fertility?

Know your fertile period
  • The fertile period is in the 3 days before and the day of ovulation
Find out if and when you ovulate with:
  • Ovulation urine tests
  • Vaginal ultrasound at the specialist
  • Telephone applications
Streamline your sexual activity
  • Sexual intercourse every 1-2 days during the fertile period.
Give up harmful habits
  • smoking, steroids, anabolics, drugs
Avoid unprofessional advice and myths
  • Sexual position, rest, orgasm do not affect fertility.
  • Prolonged sexual rest does not increase, but fertility decreases!
Optimizes weight
  • Optimize body weight if you gain extra pounds
Improve your reproductive function
  • through sports and a healthy diet

How can you protect fertility and prevent further problems?

Know and avoid risk factors
  • smoking, obesity, curettage
Protect yourself effectively during sexual intercourse
  • Use a condom to avoid sexually transmitted infections
Check your ovarian reserve
  • Check your ovarian reserve before the age of 30 with an infertility specialist
Contact your infertility specialist
  • If you are going to have genital interventions, chemotherapy, radiotherapy
  • If there are cases of early menopause or genetic diseases in the family
  • If you have irregular cycles, endometriosis, chronic diseases
Consider freezing oocytes
  • If you are going to have treatments that affect fertility
  • If you are not ready to become a mother and you are approaching 30 years old

Did you know that


❖ Speed up menopause by up to four years?

❖ Does the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy increase?

❖ Does the chance of success with IVF halve?

❖ Does DNA fragmentation increase in sperm?

❖ Does the risk of abnormalities in future children increase?

❖ Is passive smoking just as harmful?



❖ Does it disrupt the cycle, decrease fertility and increase the risk of miscarriage?

❖ Does the risk of complications in the pregnant woman and the fetus increase?

❖ Does 10% weight loss improve pregnancy rate?