First visit tips

Gynera Clinic patient registration

How do you schedule?
Can you register online?

Yes, with many advantages:

  • You can complete in the comfort of your home
  • You will spend less time in the clinic
  • The time allotted for the consultation will be used more efficiently


Can you speed up the medical file and schedule the procedure?
  • Yes, if you send the results of the tests and medical reports in advance

What documents are required for registration as a patient *?
  • Registration form (Personal data, medical history, allergies)

           Formular înregistrare F  (for women)

           Formular înregistrare M   (for men)

Can you do the tests before the consultation?
What kind of consultation do you want?
  • Online: We help you set up your computer or phone

You benefit from discounts on online consultations

Reduce time, absence from work, risks

  • In the clinic: Consultation of at least 30 minutes, with or without a partner, in our office
Patients registered in the Gynera Clinic benefit from:
  • Priority programming
  • MatcherTM identification card – unique patient code
  • Direct contact with medical staff during the procedures
  • Reduced rates for registered patients
  • Discount vouchers for further procedures or friends
  • Extended information and communication through the Patient Portal or application
  • Collaboration facilities with doctors from their localities
  • Remote monitoring, recommendations and prescriptions
  • Free training and supplies for injections

How do you prepare for the first consultation?

What is the first consultation for infertility?

  • Write down all significant medical history
  • Write down the date of your last period
  • Write down the questions you already have
  • Gather all the results of tests and medical reports
  • Prepare a photo ID
  • Talk to your partner if you come to the consultation together
  • To be better informed, read Reproduction guide


For more efficiency and receiving personalized recommendations:

  • Register online or prepare your home registration forms
  • Send the results of medical tests and reports in advance
  • Assessment of background, risk factors and investigations
  • Ultrasound to assess the genital tract and ovarian reserve
  • Recommendation of other necessary investigations
  • Discussing treatment options and chances of success
  • Elaboration of the treatment plan

What do you need to know about the specifics of fertility treatments?

Assisted reproduction procedures:
  • they are multidisciplinary, involving several professionals
  • they extend over variable periods
  • requires monitoring
  • adapts to individual reactions to treatment
  • it is programmed according to variable factors
  • takes place in a team
  • is performed upon request
  • they have chances of success dependent on multiple variables
What is the role of the attending physician specializing in assisted reproduction?
  • Develop the diagnosis and identify risk factors
  • Advise and explain treatment options and chances of success
  • Develop a treatment plan
  • Coordinates the medical team: embryologist, anesthetist, assistant, andrologist, etc.
  • Perform some of the stages of medical procedures

For details and recommendations before medical procedures or investigations, access:

IVF practical aspects

Online registration of IVF file

Sperm collection instructions – Spermogram / Spermoculture