Fidelity Program

Fidelity Program

Every day we dedicate our entire skill to our chances for life!

We created this program out of the desire to be with you throughout you until the fulfillment of the most beautiful dream, that of having a child.

Thank you for your trust and we assure you that we make every effort to give each patient the joy of being a parent.

We understand the emotional and financial carousel that all couples who fail after the first in vitro fertilization go through, so we created a 10% discount voucher for another IVF / ET Package or Freeze All Package made in our clinic.

It is received upon full payment of an IVF / ET or IVF Freeze all package and can be used for the next IVF / ET or Freeze All procedure in the clinic for the next 12 months.

Have you already joined the great Gynera family? Give the voucher to a friend (not registered as a Gynera patient) and together we will help build as many happy families as possible!