Introductory text

On behalf of the organizers, Dr. Laura Dracea, from Romania, and Prof. Simon Fishel, from the UK, invite you on a fascinating journey into the medicine of the future.

Artificial intelligence, virtual representations, prominent local and international personalities will complete an exceptional event, dedicated to specialists in reproductive medicine and beyond.

Participants will have the opportunity to learn more about premiering investigations and technologies, unconventional solutions for natural and assisted reproduction, innovative concepts that will change the preparations for pregnancy and birth, the approach to infertility, the prevention of abortion or serious diseases in future children or adults.

The event won’t be lacking surprises, and people will have the opportunity to visit some closed-circuit areas of the new advanced reproductive medicine center – the IVF laboratory, the Bank of embryos, cells or reproductive tissues.

“Artificial intelligence, advanced genetics, new techniques targeting the preservation of fertility or reproduction for unconventional families have all radically changed the perspective and limits of modern medicine. Today, we are privileged to contribute to these changes and to further present to those interested technologies that will transform the way we can program and control the health of the future family.”

Dr. Laura Dracea

President of SRFRA
Director and Founder of Gynera Fertility Clinic
Specialist in Reproductive Medicine, Doctor in Medicine

Few healthcare innovations have shaped society and family life and meant so much to individuals than the development of IVF. We are still a young medical science, more advances are in the pipeline, with the prospect of even greater success rates.”

Prof. Simon Fishel

Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board – FutureLife
Chair of the Scientific Advisory Board – GenomicPrediction
Co-Chair of CoGEN
Co-Founder and CEO of ProFaM


2.30 – 3.00

Welcoming participants

3.00 – 3.15

Special messages

3.15 – 5.30

Journey into the Medicine of the Future


Novel concepts in reproductive medicine

Dr. Laura Dracea


History and new directions of IVF

Prof. Simon Fishel, UK


Innovative techniques for future healthier babies

Danae Stambouli PhD / Dr Diana Prepeliță

a) Linea Vita®: a comprehensive compatibility DNA test

b) PGT-P – embryo testing to prevent adult health conditions – pros & cons


Miscarriage caused by the partner? First mutation in men related to embryonal miscarriage

Prof. Simon Fishel, UK


Artificial Intelligence in reproduction

Rafael Gonzales Morales, FutureFertility


Solutions for unconventional families – donor & surrogacy programs

Lukas Beranek, FutureLife

5.30 -6.30

Cocktail party

Tour of the IVF Lab & Embryo Bank