Expertise and innovation


For over 13 years, the Gynera Clinic has always stood out with exceptional achievements, national awards and surpassed records, recognized by numerous national and international awards.

We are defined by expertise and excellence.
  • The first specialized clinic dedicated entirely to assisted reproduction
  • Experience since 2007 in techniques that we have introduced and developed
  • The most titrated and experienced team in Romania
  • Success rates that significantly exceed European averages
How are Gynera specialists different?
  • Pioneers in In Vitro Fertilization in Romania, since 1998
  • The specialists who introduced the new technologies in Romania
  • Academic staff who trained fertility specialists in the country
  • Doctors with research and doctorates in reproductive medicine
  • The team with the most national and international awards
  • They work together and accumulate the expertise of the entire team
How is it reflected in our activity?
  • We deal with the most difficult and complex cases
  • We are requested by patients from all over the country and abroad
  • We succeed even after many failed treatments in other centers
  • We do education, research and prevention
  • We are rapidly implementing new technologies and procedures
  • We find solutions for rare, particular situations
  • In the field of reproduction, the most important technologies, taken over today by most centers in the world, were introduced for the first time in Romania in the Gynera Clinic, at a time when they were used in very few centers in the world
  • We use high-performance security solutions, unique in the country
A selection of the most representative technologies introduced for the first time in Romania:

»In vitro blastocyst culture – 2007

»Vitrification – Ice-free cryopreservation – 2007

»MatcherTM system for traceability – 2010

»Cryopreservation of oocytes – 2010

»3D automatic folliculometry – 2012

Here you have the best chances of success, even if you have not had positive experiences so far.

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