Equipment and facilities

Customized solutions

We adapt treatments, schedule and financial solutions to the specific requirements of patients.

Unique technologies in the country

Technologies unique or introduced for the first time in Romania

Adapted work schedule

  • Afternoon consultations and monitoring
  • Weekend procedures, depending on response to treatment
  • Online medical services

Additional facilities and services

  • Easy access to means of transport
  • Pharmacies, banks, shops, restaurants
  • Accommodation facilities nearby
Related services provided in the clinic or in the vicinity
  • Hormone monitoring in the clinic
  • Pharmacies 24 hours a day with medication available
Real estate facilities
  • Individual reserves
  • Equipped harvesting rooms
  • Video surveillance and surveillance
Administrative support services
  • Obtaining sample transfer authorizations
  • Import / export of biological samples
  • Diversified payment methods
Remote / online services
  • Consultations and submission of documents online
  • Easy and secure remote communication
  • Patient portal (password)
  • Collaborations with doctors and medical centers
  • Collaborations with FutureLife partners
  • Facilities for patients from other localities

Advanced equipment

The Gynera Clinic is differentiated by measures and systems in addition to the usual standards, in order to ensure optimal conditions of performance and safety:


Advanced personal data protection systems and protocols
Secure document issuance – Password patients portal Secure database with advanced protection systems
Unique technology in the country MatcherTM
MatcherTM is an advanced computerized identification and verification system that combines labeling, barcode / QR coding and photo scanning. Provides...
Advanced assisted reproduction equipment
Individual embryos for embryos – the optimal technology for in vitro cultivation Hood with built-in incubator – 2019 technology to...
Domain standards
Accreditation for assisted reproduction services requires the fulfillment of mandatory standards: Air filtration and monitoring in the laboratory Incubator monitoring...