Equipments and facilities

Personalised solutions

We adapt treatments, schedule and financial solutions to the requests of our patients.

Unique technologies

Unique or new technologies, introduced in Romania

Flexible schedule

  • Consultations and monitoring during afternoon
  • Weekend procedures, according to response to treatment
  • Online medical services

Facilties & additional services

  • Facil acces to transportation
  • Pharmacies, banks, shops, restaurants
  • Accommodation walking distance
Additional services available in the clinic or in the area
  • Hormone monitoring in the clinic
  • Available medication in non-stop pharmacies
  • Private rooms
  • Fully equipped collection rooms
  • Video surveillance and protection personnel
Support services
  • Authorisation for sample transport
  • Import / export cryopreserved samples
  • Various payment methods
Online & distance communication
  • Online consultations and online documents
  • Safe communication
  • Patient portal
  • Collaboration with doctors and clinics
  • Collaboration with FutureLife partners
  • Facilities for long distance patients

Advanced Equipments

Gynera Clinic offers additional systems and measures  compared to required standards, to ensure optimal environment for performance and safety:


Advanced communication systems and protocols
  • Safe document release
  • Patient portal
  • Secured database
  • Online signing of documents
  • Direct messaging
Safety technology – unique in România

MatcherTM combines labelling, QR coding  and scanning to ensure identification, registration and alerts în case of incorrect matching.

Patient & samples identification 3 steps:

  • QR MatcherTM scanning – and photo verification on Matcher card
  • Unique patient ID verification – Meditex electronic register
  • Verbal identification with the patients 


Trasability of samples and persons – QR scanning and photo registration:

  • Dishes, tubes, catheters, culture media
  • Disposable and products lots 
  • Involved persons
Advanced equipment for assisted reproduction
  • Individual mini-incubators for embryos – optimal technology for IVF
  • Safety cabinet with included incubators – 2019 technology for additional protection of oocytes and improving success rates
  • Most advanced micro manipulation system
  • Medical gas mix adapted to optimise results
Accreditation standards

Accreditation în assisted reproduction services require mandatory standards:

  • Air filtration and monitoring în the OR and IVF lab
  • Incubators monitoring
  • Cryopreservation parameters monitoring
  • Emergency and protection protocols
  • Storage of sensible data for 30 years