Customized solutions

Customized solutions


The personalized, patient-centred approach is not only the key to a spectacular success rate but also to a close and lasting relationship. We propose complete solutions, adapted to each case, both in terms of treatment and communication, logistics or financial options. In 2019, Gynera joined the FutureLife group, a European leader in the provision of reproductive services. The partnership with over 27 specialized centres and laboratories opens access to niche services in experienced centres, as well as to an extensive base of the reproductive cell and embryo donors.

Customized and complete solutions, adapted to extremely varied situations:

  • Individualized treatment with the widest range of reproductive services
  • Adaptation of the protocol and medication according to the particularities of the case
  • We do not use standard protocols
  • Use of a wide range of technical laboratory solutions, depending on the case: P-ICSI, Calcium Ionophore, SpermMobil, EmbyoGlue, Assisted Hatching and others
  • Various methods of sampling, including sampling from urine or surgery
  • Cryopreservation solutions for reproductive cells or embryos at all stages
  • Vitrification of oocytes for oncological cases, social reasons or IVF emergencies
  • Banking for your own sperm, oocytes or embryos
  • Banking for cells or embryos transferred from other banks or donated
  • Sperm, oocyte or embryo donation programs
  • Collaborations with the largest European banks of sperm, oocytes or embryos
  • Priority to a large donor base – as part of the FutureLife group
  • Access to a centre with over 20 years of experience in genetic testing of embryos
  • Access to other types of advanced or niche genetic testing through the FutureLife group
  • Use of adjuvant techniques and therapies in selected cases
  • Scheduling procedures on weekends, depending on the response to treatment
  • The main criterion for programming = optimizing the chances of success
  • Personalized advice for lifestyle adaptation
  • Communication and logistics adapted to each Collaboration with centres in other localities and with doctors
  • Various financial solutions and access to all programs that offer IVF settlements
  • Education, active detection and prevention

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