Medicine of the Future in the new Gynera Floreasca Park Center

centru medicină reproductivă

Intelligent solutions that will change the society of the future

The most innovative and modern reproductive medicine center in the country was recently inaugurated in Floreasca Park Bucharest, offering a unique concept of an integrative approach, new technologies and a warm and welcoming environment.

Gynera Floreasca Park brings the medicine of the future into present and integrates in the same place an extensive range of high-performance solutions for becoming a parent, from the first intentions until after birth.

A step ahead of the times, the new center offers both prophylaxis and the most advanced multidisciplinary treatments and complementary therapies, in safe and comfortable environment for patients. It introduces personalized medicine and completely new technologies, based on artificial intelligence and advanced genetics, original programs, as well as FutureLife partnerships for new reproductive challenges – single patients or LGBTQ+ communities.

The technologies that may be necessary to become a parent are available in an integrated and coherent way: DNA compatibility testing between partners, other advanced genetic tests, prevention by freezing oocytes or sperm, complex investigations in infertility, assisted reproduction techniques, In Vitro Fertilization, Bank of reproductive cells and embryos, state-of-the-art maternal-fetal medicine, endocrinology, andrology, sexology, genetics, nutrition, cardiology, immunology, complementary medicine and counseling, psychotherapy, acupuncture, pregnancy and birth plans.


The place where science creates miracles

Sediul Gynera Sosit Pipera 43
Gynera Floreasca Park

A true oasis of greenery and tranquility in the heart of Bucharest, Gynera Floreasca Park offers a generous, friendly and comfortable space, with premium facilities and numerous safety systems, comfort and connected services. The spectacular combination of nature and real and virtual technology creates a special, unique atmosphere that constantly accompanies you on the extraordinary journey to the future and new life.

The center benefits from unique opportunities for international cooperation for treatments, research and professional development through FutureLife partnerships, educational facilities for patients and specialists, relaxation spaces and a wonderful garden of energy and inspiration.

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#WelcomeLife, the grand opening scientific event

The inauguration of the new center was marked by a very special scientific event, which brought together specialists, representatives of the authorities, the media and patient organizations.

At the #WelcomeLife event, Prof Simon Fishel, pioneer involved in conceiving the world’s first IVF baby, as well as other visionary specialists, presented innovative technologies including artificial intelligence, embryo selection to prevent cancer or other serious diseases, programs for unconventional families, the new test to prevent miscarriages caused by the father’s genetic profile.

The participants had the opportunity to embark on a fascinating journey into the medicine of the future, sprinkled with real and virtual surprises, but also to discover the joy of innovation put into practice on this occasion. The message of Valentina Pelinel, who shared the experience of conceiving her 3 children with the help of IVF technology, created a unique, emotional moment, by the appearance of Valentina in reality alongside her virtual, holographic image.


Center for Reproductive Medicine Gynera Floreasca Park 

Gynera is the first clinic specialized in assisted reproduction, with a history of 15 years of success stories, innovation and pioneering in in vitro fertilization (IVF) in Romania.

The expertise and the innovative approach centered on the patients’ experience have contributed to obtaining exceptional results, materialized by the birth of the highest number of IVF children in the country, over 3000 to date.

Gynera Clinic is the only Romanian fertility clinic member of FutureLife, an international leader in the provision of reproductive medicine and genetic services. It benefits from the support and partnership of reference centers in assisted reproduction from 9 European countries as well as major investors on the global financial market, promoters of innovative solutions and accelerated progress towards the medicine of the future.


FutureLife is one of the largest and most dynamic providers of reproductive medicine and genetics services globally. Present in countries with different laws and cultures, the group offers huge opportunities for collaboration for the highest standard treatments, education and research.


“A complete experience in a place that becomes your second home and family, a harmonious combination of technology, nature and joy for the new life” – Dr. Laura Dracea

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