7 methods to improve fertility

How to improve fertility and avoid common mistakes? 

You can help natural fertility with advices from reliable sources more than with certain medication or controversial therapies.

Until proceeding to investigations and advanced treatment, there are simple and natural methods to improve fertility. Advices from unprofessionals, myths about fertility, untested herbal treatments can do harm. Avoid mistakes and choose solutions based on scientific evidence!

Frequent mistakes:

Mistake no. 1

Waiting for a positive ovulation test before having sex – wrong, because the ovulation day îs the last fertile day în a month and long abstinence negatively affects sperm quality.

Mistake no. 2

Abstinence more than 2 days during the fertile period, “not to affect sperm quality” – wrong, because even if the semen volume may be lower after a short abstinence, the quality is improved

Mistakes no. 3 

Anabolic medication or steroids for improving fertility – wrong, medication utilised for muscle gain negatively affects male fertility

7 Natural methods to improve fertility 

1. Learn if and when you ovulate, with urinary ovulation tests 

2. Identify your fertile period – the 3 days before ovulation 

3. Make your sexual activity efficient during fertile period – every day or every other day 

4. Avoid unprofessional advice and myths related to sexual positions or abstinence 

5. Quit unhealthy habits: smoking, steroids, anabolic drugs, recreational drugs 

6. Optimise your body weight, if you are overweight

7. Improve your reproductive function with physical activity and healthy diet 

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