About Fertility and Risks

About Fertility and Risks

Lifestyle has unsuspected consequences on fertility.

What worried us?

Phenomena with increasing tendency
»Postponing the establishment of a family
»Postponement of the consultation of a specialist
»Ignorance or minimization of risks
»The illusion of solving by assisted reproduction

Gynera study 2011-2012 500 IVF cycles
»1 in 3 IVF patients are premenopausal – 36 years old

Fertility Friday objectives

  • 1. Fertility reduction warning

  • 2. Awareness of:
    »Risk factors
    »The consequences of personal decisions
    »Methods for protecting fertility

  • 3. Possibility of personalized testing and counseling

Age and fertile potential

☛ Maximum fertility at 25 years
☛ Slow reduction in fertility between 25 and 35 years
☛ Sharp reduction in fertility after 35 years
☛ Transition to menopause after 37-38 years

  • Very low fertility
  • Risk of miscarriage and abnormalities

☛ Over 10% of women enter menopause before the age of 45?
☛ Does one in 10 healthy women have low fertility before the age of 32?
☛ Are there frequent cases of menopause at the age of 25-28?
☛ Is the chance of IVF success at 34 years old x 20 compared to 44 years old? (40% vs. 2%)
☛ Do most IVFs over the age of 43 have eggs from donors?

Risk factors

1. Smoking


»Accelerates menopause by 4 years
»Reduces the chance of successful treatments
»Increases the risk of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy


»Increases DNA fragmentation in sperm
»Increases the risk of miscarriage and abnormalities in children

2. Obesity

»Increases the risk of infertility, abortion, complications in pregnancy
»The need for medicines is increasing

3. Sexually transmitted infections

most of them asymptomatic

4. Uterine curettage

Fertility Friday messages

»Find out about the consequences of lifestyle!
»Choose and decide wisely, taking into account the risks!
»Test your fertility on time!
»Call a specialist!