“A Chance for Life” Program – IVF

``A Chance for Life`` Program - IVF

Gynera Clinic is a partner in the Project “A Chance for Life – IVF”, a project approved by the Decision of the Local Council of Craiova no. 32 / 14.02.2020.

Through this program, started in October 2020, financial support is granted with a total value of 13,800 lei / infertile couple from Craiova with medical indication for performing the in vitro fertilization procedure.

To access the program, eligible couples must submit documentation online, according to the procedure described on the website of the Public Management Service Hospitals, Medical Offices and Nurseries Craiova


Issuance of the certificate by the Gynera clinic

Gynera Clinic issues the certificate of enrollment in the program to eligible couples registered as patients in the clinic, after checking the updated documentation confirming the indication for IVF with own oocytes and medical eligibility criteria (BMI / BMI body mass index, and AMH test value for patients over 35 for years).

You can request in the clinic or by email the certificate required for registration, taking care to update the expired investigations, according to the scale of investigations received from the clinic.

It is necessary to have a medical indication for IVF in the couple’s medical record. According to the draft regulation, the investigations necessary for the issuance of the IVF indication are borne by the requesting couples’ own budgets.

If BMI / BMI is not performed in the clinic or is not recent, the update may be performed on the day the certificate is issued at the clinic.

Eligibility criteria for inclusion in the project

The eligibility criteria for inclusion in the project are the following:

◆ AMH> 1, except for women under 35 years of age for whom AMH is not an exclusion criterion;

◆ Autologous couple or couples in which the partner suffers from azoospermia (procedures with donated sperm are not excluded);

◆ Body mass index of the partner between 20 – 30;

◆ Age of the partner between 24 – 45 years.

◆ The couple has had a permanent residence in Craiova for at least 3 years.

Beneficiary couples will receive two vouchers, one for Stage 1, worth RON 4,600 – for ovarian stimulation medication – and the second for Stage 2, worth RON 9,200 – for the IVF Procedure.

The voucher worth RON 4,600 is used to purchase the medication prescribed by the doctor, from one of the partner pharmacies in the project.

The voucher worth RON 9,200 will be deposited at the clinic, together with the standard application, before the first consultation for monitoring the treatment.

List of medical personnel involved in performing the procedure

Clinicians, obstetrics-gynecology, competence in couple infertility and assisted reproduction:

Dr. Ionela Anghelescu – primary care physician, doctor of Medicine

Dr. Ioan Boleac – primary doctor, doctoral student in Medicine

Dr. Dorina Codreanu – primary care physician, doctor of medicine

Dr. Laura Dracea – primary care physician, doctor of medicine

Dr. Irina Oproiu – primary care physician, PhD student in Medicine

Dr. Roxana Bodea – primary care physician

Embryologists with European ESHRE certification in embryology:

Dr. Anca Coricovac – primary care physician, senior embryologist

Biol. Iulia Raica – principal biologist, embryologist

Biologist George Porumb


Dr. Tudor Paduraru – primary doctor of anesthesia and intensive care

Dr. Alina Dobre – primary doctor of anesthesia and intensive care


Assistant. Coordinator: Madalina Popescu

Assistant. Coordinator: Carmen Iosif

Assistant. Ionela Nicula

Assistant. Mihaela Negut

Assistant. Raluca Vatasanu

Assistant. Ana Pitu

Assistant. Mihaela Acon

Assistant. Claudia Mitu

Assistant. Denisa Moncea

Medical services that can be provided based on the voucher

The medical services that can be provided based on the Voucher related to Stage 2 of the Program are the following:

Monitoring of ovarian stimulation treatment (up to 4 medical consultations during this period)

Oocyte sampling by follicular puncture, performed under total, local anesthesia or sedation

Sample collection / processing

Insemination of oocytes for spontaneous fertilization

ICSI (intracytoplasmic sperm injection)

Embryo culture 72 hours

Embryo culture after 72 hours, until blastocyst stage (day 5).

Intrauterine embryo transfer
Monitoring the evolution of the case, which consists of:

◆ performing the serum β HCG test after 2 weeks from the embryonic transfer;

◆ gynecological and ultrasound consultation, 4 weeks after transfer, regardless of the value of the β HCG test

The value of other medical services performed for the purpose of further evaluation, improving the success rate, safety and comfort or preventing complications shall be borne by the beneficiaries at the clinic’s rates, according to the financial protocol and the list of rates displayed in the clinic and on the website. financial protocol.

These additional services include, but are not limited to:

Identification and monitoring of traceability with MatcherTM IVF Electronic Witnessing electronic system

Special techniques for selection and activation of sperm (SpermMobil type mobilization techniques)

Embryo culture in individual mini incubator

Accommodation of the couple in a single room on the day of oocyte collection and on the day of embryo transfer

Ultrasound control and imaging documentation on embryo transfer (embryo pictures, positioning ultrasound)

Communication and counseling throughout the procedure

Medical services that cannot be provided on the basis of the voucher

The medical services that cannot be provided on the basis of the Stage 2 Voucher, without being limited to them, are the following:

Preliminary paraclinical investigations (established according to the clinical investigation scale and the doctor’s recommendation)

Genetic diagnosis of embryos
Cryopreservation of oocytes, sperm or embryos

Surgical sperm collection (MESA, TESE)


Assisted Hatching

Assisted oocyte activation – Calcium ionophore (advance payment, IVF package)

Endometrial preparation with G-CSF or HCG granulocyte stimulating factors

Endometrial microinjury

Defrosting of vitrified embryos, evaluation / cultivation after thawing

Sperm from an anonymous donor