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Program wellness

Intelegem mai bine ca oricine ca infertilitatea poate fi stresanta, frustranta, epuizanta.

Credem cu convingere in importanta relaxarii si stilului de viata sanatos pentru succesul unui tratament de fertilitate si nasterea unui copil sanatos.

Programul Wellness isi propune sa aduca echilibrul in viata pacientilor nostri si sa puna organismul in forma sa optima inainte si pe parcursul unui tratament.

Pentru a maximiza sansele de succes ale tehnicilor reproductive, asociem recomandari de nutritie, stil de viata, psihoterapie sau terapii complementare de echilibrare energetica.

In cadrul programului Wellness, pot fi aplicate diferite metode:

  1. Program de imbunatatire a stilului de viata

Evaluarea stilului si mediului de viata

Activitatea fizica

Evitarea fumatului activ si pasiv

Controlul greutatii corporale

Alimentatia sanatoasa si echilibrata

Mai multe detalii aici

  1. Program de optimizare a fertilitatii naturale

Explicarea declinului natural al fertilitatii

Metode de crestere a fertilitatii

Frecventa raportului sexual

Identificarea perioadei fertile

Evitarea practicilor sexuale gresite

  1. Program de relaxare si echilibrare energetica

Consiliere si terapie psihologica

Terapia cu muzica

Tehnici de sincronizare cerebrala Hemi-Sync

  1. Grupuri de sprijin

Cu o abordare combinata, holistica, putem oferi pacientilor o perspectiva corecta si suportul necesar pentru a-si controla stresul si a-si imbunatati modul de viata.


Gynera Fertility Center

Recognize the importance of lifestyle and wellness for a successful fertility treatment and a healthy child. We are developing a Lifestyle and Wellness Program that aims to provide participant with health and stress management skills, empowered feeling and clear-thinking.

Along with the regular tests and medical evaluations, our specialists are offering:

Preparation for pregnancy

General Health Check, including Pap smears and breast examinations

Lifestyle counseling

  • Assessing your lifestyle and your environment
  • Exercise
  • Weighto

Obesity is associated with menstrual dysfunction, decreased fertility and increased risk of miscarriages.
In man, obesity is associated with abnormal semen parameters.

  • Nutrition
  • Alcohol, Caffeine, Tobacco

Numerous studies have consistently shown that treatment success is affected by smoking.

  • Vitamins and folic acid supplement
  • Drugs and herbs
  • Environment and workplace

Counseling on the natural decline in fertility potential and the impact of aging

Methods to increase fecundity:

  • Frequency of intercourse
  • Recognizing the fertile window

Relaxation and energy balancing

  • Music therapy
  • Massage
  • Meditation and yoga
  • Acupuncture

Professional psychological counseling

  • Psychological Screening

Psychological evaluations and counseling are required for all
patients giving or receiving donor reproductive cells or

  •   Psychotherapy for Individuals and Couples

Support groups