The day of wonders in eprouvette – 1st of June 2013

Saturday, 1st of June, Gynera Clinic has the pleasure to organize an event dedicated to over 400 children conceived by techniques of fertilization in vitro, in the clinic’s laboratory. A large number of families came to the event, occasioning a touching meeting and unforgettable moments. Gynera great family reunion was a premiere not only for the clinic, but also in Romania and it was intense mediatized. The event was moderated by Liana Stanciu, known for her implication in campaigns dedicated to children.IMG_0388

Gynera team was honored to give special awards to Liana Stanciu and Nicoleta Brunel from Association SOS Infertility. Other awards were handed to famous mothers who supported the event: Cristina Spatar, Giulia Nahmany, Dana Nalbaru, Giulia Anghelescu and Maria Simion.

Children enjoyed a fairytale atmosphere, provided by Zurlia Romania and turned into little artistis together with Liviu Mihai and Bogdan Mihai Radu. The children’s fingerprints were the base for an art work, which was donated after the event to Gynera Clinic.

The party was animated by Bimbam band, that delighted the public with an unique show. In turn, the designer Cosmina Englizian made a fashion show dedicated to girls aged between 2 and 5 years, and the little ladies were accompanied to the stage by Marsay Made to Measure representatives.

The event was an opportunity to share experiences of couples who have experienced fertility problems and to support the campaign Fertility Friday launched by Gynera Clinic in March, this year.


We thank to our numerous media parteners and sponsors who supported the event:

Business Woman, Unica.ro, baby.ro, sfaturisanatoase.ro, prokid.ro,  as well to Vavian Pharma, Class Hotel, Aqua Carpatica, Arta Grădinilor, Santal, Zen Flowers, Galeriile Noblesse, Cutiuța muzicală, Diverta, Oriflame,  Canon, Ana Pan, Marsay, Cosmina Englizian, Worldclass,, School Friendly, Himalaya Baby, Deea Buzdugan.

Video event The Day of Wonders in Eprouvette