Why Gynera


Our outstanding results have already pozitioned us on the forefront of fertility centers in our country and in Europe as well.
One year after starting IVF procedures, we reported high pregnancy rates with new technologies and the first vitrified blastocyst baby in Romania.
We are proud of being aknowledged by the national authorithies for having the best results in Romania in 2008.

Experienced team

Gynera Fertility Clinic employs a range of experienced board certified professionals, including doctors, nurses, embryologists, counsellors and administrators. Some of them have played a central role in developing the field of reproductive medicine in Romania.
Dr. Laura Dracea has been managing for 10 years the largest IVF Centre in Romania. After being trained in France, USA and Israel, she performed the first IVF procedure in this center, in 1999.
Dr. Daniel Damian has materialized in his PhD thesis a long time interest in male infertility. His experience in surgical procedures, including sperm retrieval for assisted reproduction, is one of the highlights of our team. Our embryologists have been trained in USA and Europe. After joining our team, they achieved immediately great results.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our new embryology lab was designed to provide the ideal environment for embryo development.
Air quality is achieved with air filtration equipment.
We are culturing the embryos in the most advanced system of mini incubators. In this type of incubator embryos are safe from the possible damages produced by frequent manipulation inside a large incubator. The supply with a special gas mixture has been proved to allow embryos better chances to develop to blastocyst stage.
Culture media are provided by Cook IVF Australia. Disposables for lab and clinical procedures are specially designed for IVF by important american companies.
Equipments are secured and monitorized permanently in order to avoid failures and prevent damages.


Gynera Fertility Clinic operates under a Quality Management System – ISO 9001:2008


We are requiring tests as well as a lot of safety measures for patients and staff. Our procedures for preventing contamination are rigorous and efficient. The identification of patients and samples is made by registration of at least two ID data and by double-checking. Lab and clinical procedures are also double-checked. These protocols are very reassuring that contamination or mix-ups are unlikely to occur.

Personalized Diagnosis and Care

We realize that every patient is unique. So our first step is to listen closely and assess individual needs, evaluating the physical, emotional and financial implications of each approach. We are providing all the information that our patients need in order to feel in control and make decisions based on realistic expectations. This personal and complex approach is meant to offer the most appropriate care option and help people to gain perspective on why each person’s experience is different.

Supportive and warm environment

Coping with infertility can be emotionally challenging and we are trying to make the experience at Gynera Fertility Clinic as relaxing and pleasant as possible. We know that often our patients are feeling alone and isolated. Our team is committed to combining excellent medical care with a warm and supporting approach, in respect of patient confidentiality and desire. Our beautiful new building is located in the heart of Bucharest, near the trendy and picturesque Dorobanti Square. From the relaxing waiting areas to the elegant rooms, everything has been designed to offer comfort, privacy and tranquillity. Couples might also benefit from our professional counseling program as well as from our pregnancy care program. In order to simplify the treatment and make it more convenient, we are collaborating with local doctors. We have also established relationships with cross-border clinics that could provide better options for egg donation or sperm donation programs.