Medical services

Fertility Evaluation

About one-third of infertile couples have more than one cause or factor related to their inability to conceive. An efficient evaluation is critical for developing a successful treatment plan. We offer extensive and advanced evaluation services, witch allow us to diagnose a specific situation completely and in the shortest time possible.

Investigations for Women

Fertility Evaluation:

Reproductive hormone tests
3D, 4D and Doppler Ultrasound scanning – Vaginal and Abdominal
Cycle monitoring – available every day, including weekends
Chlamydia and Mycoplasma tests
Postcoital test
Endometrial biopsy
Evaluation of Recurrent Miscarriages
Evaluation of lifestyle and environmental risk factors

General Evaluation:

Pap smear Cervical Cultures
Pelvic and breast examination
Breast Ultrasound scanning
Screening for infectious diseases
Complete range of blood and urine tests
Other gynecologic and urologic investigations

Investigations for Men

Semen analyses Semen and urethral culture
Sperm Antibody Testing
Reproductive hormone tests
Testicular and Urologic Ultrasound scanning
Urologic examination
Retrograde ejaculation testing
Testicular biopsy
DFI – test – DNA fragmentation in sperm
Prostate cancer screening
Evaluation of lifestyle and environmental risk factors