Gynera team invited to deliver a course on ovulation induction for a national audience

On 26th of March, Ferring Pharmaceuticals invited Dr. Dorina Codreanu and Dr. Laura Dracea to deliver an updated course on ovulation induction for a large audience of specialist physicians interested in infertility. The symposium enabled the Gynera team to bring, together with the data from the literature, a highly appreciated practical approach based on a vast experience in the specific circumstances of our country.


New financial plan

New financial plan had become available for IVF procedures. Further details are to be discussed with our financial consultant.


Dr. Laura Dracea – one of the 10 international experts taking part in Geneva Expert Meeting

On the 19th May 2010 Dr. Laura Dracea has been invited to Geneva, Switzerland, together with other 9 specialists to debate controversial subjects and try to reach a consensus. The two aspects on which a mutual understanding was agreed, refer to the medication for ovarian stimulation and the role of AMH in the stimulation treatment, were materialized in two papers, submitted to publication in a well known international journal.


New Consultant Embryologist

Since February 2010, we have been honored to have in our team one of the most experienced embryologists, with impressive qualifications and achievements in reproductive medicine and research. Dr. AM Glazier have been working for 18 years in the field of assisted reproduction and he has provided us with the latest UK standards and technologies for IVF.