New advanced techniques

We can provide our patients with the latest developments in the field and the most complex fertility treatments.
Beginning with 2010 we are offering:

  • PGD / PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostic and Screening)
  • Oocyte Vitrification – Egg Bank
  • MAR-test (Antisperm antibodies testing)
  • SCSA-test (DNA fragmentation of sperm)

Medical news

DID YOU KNOW?580181_189358637897016_2079163395_n

  • That the sperm DNA fragmentation test shows how much smoking affects fertility?
  • That a normal spermiogram is not equivalent to normal fertility? Spermatozoa can be normal in terms of number and mobility, but the genetic material can be fragmented. This occurs to smokers or in certain affections, such as varicocele. The sperm DNA fragmentation test can show how serious is the effect on genetic material and if the natural procreation is still possible.

The day of wonders in eprouvette – 1st of June 2013

Saturday, 1st of June, Gynera Clinic has the pleasure to organize an event dedicated to over 400 children conceived by techniques of fertilization in vitro, in the clinic’s laboratory. A large number of families came to the event, occasioning a touching meeting and unforgettable moments. Gynera great family reunion was a premiere not only for the clinic, but also in Romania and it was intense mediatized. The event was moderated by Liana Stanciu, known for her implication in campaigns dedicated to children.