What we are worried about:

Gynera Clinic conducted a study on a number of more than 500 IVF procedures carried out in the past two years, the study was presented at an international scientific event in February 2013. The main conclusions of the study are:

  • One of three women who perform IVF for the past 2 years in clinical ovarian reserve has a very low (a premature aging of ovaries); their average age was 36 years.
  • The success rate of IVF procedure is significantly lower in the case of these couples; In addition, over 35 years the chance of success is reduced to less than half of the cases in 37 years.
  • Half of the cases of infertility have a male component; in the vast majority of cases, male infertility had unknown causes and had been discovered during analysis of sperm.
  • The number of young women with premature aging of ovaries or early menopause has risen alarmingly in recent years. The younger cases from Gynera Clinic are women entranting at menopause at 22-25 years old.

This is why we decided to draw a wake-up call on this issue occurred and to invite men and women to PROTECT THEIR FERTILITY!

So was born the idea of FERTILITY FRIDAY!

Fertility Friday is a campaign dedicated to men and women who have fertility issues, but want to test its fertile potential and take appropriate preventive measures.

Knowing the consequences of our lifestyle gives us the opportunity to make the right choices and decide wisely. Thus, we can protect on long term our fertility!

Being aware of our problems in advance leads to a faster resolution. IT MUST BE KNOWN that, if other problems are treatable, cell exhaustion IS NOT!

Hearing of problems with which we face leads to a faster resolution. But it must be known that if Other problems are treatable, cell exhaustion IS NOT!

Gynera Clinic offers women and men the possibility to have a fertility test, every Friday, benefiting from a discount of 50%.

Fertility test is carried out as follows:

For women

AMH TEST + a personalized evaluation report of the result

AMH TEST (Anti-Mullerian Hormone):

  • Is collected from blood, in any day of the menstrual cycle
  • No restrictions on food are required

The value of this hormone is correlated with the egg cells reserve (reproductive cells) left in ovaries, with fertility potential and with the menopause beggining.

Gynera Clinic Cost: 340 RON Package
Discount 50% = 170 RON Package

For men

The spermogram (evaluation of a sample of sperm) can be collected at clinic or at home, after a period of sexual rest of 2 to 5 days. The bottle for the collection is supplied by the Clinic or is available in pharmacies (urocultor). For more details, access this link.

Spermogram = 100 RON, includes interpretation and recommendations
Discount 50% = 50 RON

Appointmments for testing can be made online or by phone.
The medical report for both types of test will be made by a specialist in fertility and will contain interpretation, personalized recommendations and an informative material regarding the influence of our life style on fertility. The report can be discussed and presented in person or can be send via email.

What are the solutions?

  1. Adopting healthy lifestyle to better protect fertility.
  2. Cryo preservation of eggs (very recent technique introduced in the country last year by our clinic) and cryo preservation sperm for periods of years.
  3. Informed family planning, and depending on the fertility potential.
  4. Completing investigations and take appropriate action treatment in case of an abnormal test.

In case of a result with a high risk, we provide the completion with additional investigation and specialized consiliation, in order to find the options and to choose the right solutions for every patient.