Founded in 2007, Gynera Fertility Clinic is an outstanding facility dedicated to helping couples achieve their dream of having a baby. We became a pole of excellence in a very short period of time, bringing toghether the most advanced technology and some of the most experienced and successful fertility specialists. Our team have already played a significant role in developing this field in our country and will remain committed to have other relevant contributions. In 2008 we reported high pregnancy rates with new technlogies and the first vitrified blastocyst baby in Romania.

Guided by many years of successful clinical experience, we aim to provide our patients with the best chance of pregnancy under the safest and most professional conditions.

We understand the emotional rollercoster experienced by fertility patients and we are trying to increase the chance of pregnancy and minimize the number of procedures they experience. The warm and friendly environment along with our supportive team will help our patients feel like being part of a caring family.

Gynera was created with love. We dedicated our life’s work to helping people make their dream come true.

Now, your dream is ours.
Let us experience together the miracle of life!

Gynera Fertility Clinic operates under a Quality Management System ISO 9000:2008 and has been authorized for processing and storage of reproductive cells by the Ministry of Public Health and the National Agency for Transplant.
We are proud to receive the national authority recognition for our results