How to choose

How different are fertility centers?

Fertility centers are much more different than people are expecting to be.

Results after fertility treatments vary between clinics:
IVF success rates may vary from 10 to 60 % per embryo transfer
IUI success rates may vary from 3 to 20 % per attempt

What makes the differences?

Qualifications and experience of the team
The success of a fertility program depends on the experience and the qualifications of each member of the team – fertility specialist, embryologist, andrologist; a good collaboration between them is another important factor.
The expertise of a fertility specialist is achieved after many years of training and work in the reproductive field.
Regarding embryology, in Romania there is no training program. Embryologists are usually trained abroad and then continue the specialization in their workplace.
The experience of the clinician and the embryologist has a significant impact on the success rate of the program.

Quality of the laboratory
Laboratory setting, equipment, disposables and culture media are not the same in fertility units worldwide. Monitoring of equipment and quality control differ considerable between clinics.
Personalization of care
Some clinics have standard treatment protocols, others adapt the treatment to the patient’s unique situation. There is no consensus about the best protocol for IUI or IVF and clinics usually set their owns criteria and protocols.
If a clinic wants to offer best fertility chances to its patients, an adjustment of the scheduling of procedures may be necessary sometimes, out of the regular working hours. The best timing for some procedures might be during weekends, and procedures should be available accordingly.
In Romania, many clinics have fertility specialists and embryologists from abroad and work on a batch basis; they are sometimes forced to schedule procedures on specific days, independent of the patient’s treatment.

Quality Management System
The risk of contamination or mix-ups is not the same in all units.

Facilities of the center
Related investigations and treatments are not always available in the same unit.
In many clinics, communication via email or phone is not available during weekends.
Collaboration with local doctors, for national or international couples, is not accepted in some units.

Support offered to the patients
A relaxing environment and a supportive team can make a significant difference between clinics.

What you should know about the clinic?

In Romania, any medical activity which involves processing or storage of reproductive cells needs to be authorized by the National Agency for Transplant. You may find details about the accredited clinics on www.transplant.ro

Success rates
Many factors contribute to the success of a fertility center and some of them are related to the quality of services they provide, the range of reproductive techniques offered and the criteria for allowing treatment. A clinic´s success rate may vary from year-to-year with the introduction of new reproductive technologies.
Accredited clinics report the results to the National Agency for Transplant, but the data are not publicly available.
Successful clinics are more willing to publish online their outstanding results, while clinics with poor experience or low success rates prefer to offer only general information.

Experience in ART, especially in difficult cases and advanced techniques
Is the program offering advanced reproductive techniques?
Has the program already achieved good results in difficult cases (e.i. with testicular sperm from TESE)?

References from medical personnel or patients
Is your doctor content about the results achieved by the patients referred to the clinic?
Do you know patients who were satisfied with the experience in the clinic?

Selection criteria for entering the program
Is there an age or basal FSH cut-off?
Does the clinic have a policy to cancel the cycle, if the response to stimulation is sub-optimal?

Safety and quality control
Does the clinic have a safety policy, in order to avoid contamination of patients and samples?
What are the safety measures and the protocols to prevent mix-ups?
How does the clinic ensure the confidentiality of the patients and the procedures?

Can you come to the clinic whenever needed?
If you need accommodation, can the clinic make arrangements in nearby good hotels?

Is there a possibility to schedule the procedures in the afternoon?
If necessary, are the procedures scheduled during weekends?

Are the success rates and the services offered justifying the costs?

Are you satisfied with the information received about the treatment procedure?
Is the clinic offering online advice or arrangements for pretreatment?
To what degree can your own physician participate in your care?
Facilities like access to reproductive cell bank, pharmacy, hormone testing are available in the same unit?
What are the methods of payment?
To what degree are the privacy and the dignity ensured (private rooms, room for semen collection)?
What types of counseling and support services are available?

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