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Medical news

DID YOU KNOW?580181_189358637897016_2079163395_n

  • That the sperm DNA fragmentation test shows how much smoking affects fertility?
  • That a normal spermiogram is not equivalent to normal fertility? Spermatozoa can be normal in terms of number and mobility, but the genetic material can be fragmented. This occurs to smokers or in certain affections, such as varicocele. The sperm DNA fragmentation test can show how serious is the effect on genetic material and if the natural procreation is still possible.

New location

Due to the rapid growing of our activity and the need to extend and improve our services, our unit has been relocated since June 2009. The new 900 sqm building is located in the heart of Bucharest, just near the picturesque Dorobanti Square. The large modern space allows us to offer to our patients comfortable rooms along with state-of-the-art medical facilities. We are also planning to bring together to our most advanced technology some traditional alternative therapies, for energy balance and relaxation.

New collaboration

We are happy to establish a collaboration with SOS Infertilitatea, the most active association of patients, witch is committed to bring awareness of fertility problems and support to fertility patients. Our team has been involved since 2010 in a counseling program on their website www.infertilitate.com, in order to provide patients with professional and updated medical information. On the same website, you can read an interview with Dr. Laura Dracea.