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Gynera Fertility Center implements new quality system – Matcher™

Matcher is a new computerised witnessing system recently implemented at GYNERA, the first of its kind in Romania, ensuring the highest possible standard of patient safety. The system combines sophisticated labelling, bar-coding and camera technology to provide photographic proof that every procedure throughout your entire cycle of treatment is identified and match confirmed. In other words, the products used during the treatment routines (vials, dishes, test tubes, needles, culture media, catheters) are labeled, scanned, registered in the system and compared to the patients’ identification codes. The system alerts in case of any mismatch and ensures the safe keeping of all the registered information in patients’ personal files.

New location

Due to the rapid growing of our activity and the need to extend and improve our services, our unit has been relocated since June 2009. The new 900 sqm building is located in the heart of Bucharest, just near the picturesque Dorobanti Square. The large modern space allows us to offer to our patients comfortable rooms along with state-of-the-art medical facilities. We are also planning to bring together to our most advanced technology some traditional alternative therapies, for energy balance and relaxation.

New advanced techniques

We can provide our patients with the latest developments in the field and the most complex fertility treatments.
Beginning with 2010 we are offering:

  • PGD / PGS (Preimplantation Genetic Diagnostic and Screening)
  • Oocyte Vitrification – Egg Bank
  • MAR-test (Antisperm antibodies testing)
  • SCSA-test (DNA fragmentation of sperm)

Gynera team invited to deliver a course on ovulation induction for a national audience

On 26th of March, Ferring Pharmaceuticals invited Dr. Dorina Codreanu and Dr. Laura Dracea to deliver an updated course on ovulation induction for a large audience of specialist physicians interested in infertility. The symposium enabled the Gynera team to bring, together with the data from the literature, a highly appreciated practical approach based on a vast experience in the specific circumstances of our country.